Miss Curly Self-eSTEAM Pageant

Goals for Miss Curly Self-eSTEAM Pageant

To provide an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the beauty of culture, kinks, curls and even frizz.
Create a platform for innovative ideas to get exposure.
Increase engagement in the technology, science, engineering and other career fields where women are under represented

5 Reasons To Be Miss Curly


Reign for a year


Trip to Essence Fest in 2018


Brand ambassador for @coloradourbannaturals , @curlsontheblock , International Spectrum cosmetics, Gardner's Boutique and more!




Cash Prize

Pageant Segments


This segment is a chance to don traditional and or cultural garments representing the community contestants are representing.

Healthy and Active Lifestyles

This segment is to replace the traditional swimsuit only portion of pageants. Contestants can wear whatever accessories and outfits represent the way they stay healthy or are active!


This segment is optional and will allow for a 3 minute or less performance of choice.

STEAM Connection

Contestants will describe their connection to, aspiration for and/or achievements to STEAM. They will also share their idea, product, or process to address the needs of the curly hair community.

Pageant Titles

Little Miss Curly

Ages 6-12

Jr. Miss Curly

Ages 13-17

Miss Miss Curly

Ages 18-25

Mature Miss Curly


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